self-care studios

A grant project that teaches high school students to practice self care and to talk about mental health through creative outlets




The stigmatization of mental health is extremely prevalent in Oregon. We feel that this can especially affect high school students due to the intense social pressure of being a teenager. So, how do we supply high school students with strategies to practice self-care and teach them to care for each other?

To tackle these difficult questions we are partnering with Friendtorship, Portland State University’s program that pairs college mentors with underserved high school students from Centennial Park School for an arts education and mentorship class. 

Self-Care Studios seeks to improve and de-stigmatize our community’s mental health through creative outlets. Journaling and workshops with visiting professionals (including chefs, yoga teachers, illustrators, and athletes) will enable Friendtorship mentors and mentees to explore what a healthy mental state means to them and learn strategies to achieve it.  

This project is currently being developed in collaboration with student designer Elea Davison, designer Cassandra Swan, and interim director of PSU's College of the arts Lis Charman. Mock-ups created by the wonderful Cassandra Swan!