About Me

I have loved to draw since I was very little and have piles of elementary school sketch books as artifact of this. My long-standing attachment to illustration brought me to study graphic design in Portland, a mecca for ad agencies and design studios. Studying design in proximity to so many incredible agencies caused me to develop a passion for the research aspect of branding and design. I am always fascinated by learning the story of what I am designing for and finding ways to let my work pay tribute to it. I currently work as a design apprentice at Mingei International Museum in San Diego, CA. I’ve been enjoying researching the museums collections and letting each piece and it’s contextual history play a role in my designs.

Post college graduation, I’ve found I still love being a student. I’m currently taking Arabic classes and plan on taking college classes as often as I can to keep on learning. Aside from creating things and being a student, I like taking martial arts classes, exploring my beautiful city, and drinking more coffee than anyone ever should.

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